Video: Bob Takano – A Very Subtle Technical Point

Although many lifters would love to have the technical proficiency demonstrated in this lift, I found a couple of points that could make it even better next time around.

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This is Corey Egan’s snatch with a PR done at a meet last June. A PR is a PR, and they aren’t always technically wonderful. This one was very good and well-deserved. But a coach is always looking for areas to improve, and although many people would love to have Corey’s technical proficiency, I found a couple of points that could help make him more capable of lifting even heavier weights.

Watch carefully as Corey begins the pull. He uses a soft version of a dynamic pull and his hips are a little high when he actually engages the weight. This has the effect of tilting the whole pull just slightly forward. Although he catches the weight in a very solid bottom position, it forces him to recover by stepping forward. The same error performed with a slightly heavier weight would not result in the same success.

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