Video: Bob Takano – Lift Like Lindsey

Here are some videos of my first training sessions and competitions with Lindsey Valenzuela, taken in 2010 and 2011. As you will see, she progressed quickly.

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Lindsey Valenzuela started training with me in December 2010, just shortly before the Americans and had added 30 kg to her total by June 4. To recount her progress, she totaled 165 as a 69 kg with lifts of 72 and 93. We trained through the rest of December with some interruptions for the holidays. At the beginning of January I moved PHAT Elvis from Team CrossFit to CrossFit High Voltage. From this point until the meet on March 12, her workouts were customized to correct her technical lifting, and to bring her body into balance for more demanding training with a minimum of injury possibility.

There was a small peaking for the American Record Makers on January 30. She lifted for the final time as a 69 kg and improved her total to 176 with lifts of 79 kg and 97 kg. This reflects her improved technique in the snatch pull.

For the March 12th meet, I decided that she needed to lift in the 75 kg class as she was tall for the 69s and this would ultimately limit her clean & jerk. The personalized training continued and she improved to a 186 total with lifts of 81 kg and 105 kg. The clean and jerk reflected her increase in bodyweight. She continued her improvement in the 75 kg class by totaling 195 with lifts of 87 kg and 108 kg. This reflects an improvement of 30 kg over a period of slightly less than 6 months. Here is a video of her 87 kg snatch, taken 6 months after the first video.