Video: Pistol (Single-Leg Squat) Therapy

Pistol squats are the bane of my existance. So I put this video together to help all those who struggle with this challenging, but fun movement.

Pistol squats are the bane of many people's athletic lives. They are hard. I can vouch for this, because unlike most people making videos about pistol squats, I am miserable at them. But I think this is a good thing for you, because now you'll get a chance to learn what helps people who find this movement challenging.

The first thing we're going to do is some mobility work. We are going to focus on our calf muscles.

Then I'll show you a few ways you can improve your pistol practice, and therefore eventually your full pistol. We'll use a bench, weight plate tower, and single weight plate to modify our movement. I'll also explain why using bands or rings overhead are not the best modification.

I hope the tips and mobility drills in this video aid you in coming to grips with this evil dragon of movement. Do these and slay the pistol dragon!

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