Featured Coaches

Andrew Read is like that old guy in the Rocky movies - he has a funny accent, hates everyone, and no one ever knows if he's happy or sad. But just like Mickey, he knows training.  
Becca found her way to a career in health and fitness through Martial Arts and CrossFit. Originally a music editor for film and television, Becca started studying Martial Arts in 2000. Though she started with traditional Martial Arts it was not long before she discovered Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and her path was forever altered. She began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai and started working with professional MMA fighters, building websites, working on fight promotions, and producing videos.
Chad Vaughn is a two-time Olympian, nine-time National Champion, multi-time international medalist, and an American record holder in the sport of Olympic-style weightlifting.  
Christy Baroni Christy is the nutrition specialist and a coach at Conviction Training Facility, home of CrossFit Hilton Head. She resides in Hilton Head Island, is a mother of two, and is a competitive athlete. Her passion for coaching female athletes comes second only to her passion for teaching healthy nutrition habits.  
Darryl Edwards, founder of Fitness Explorer Training & Nutrition based in London, England is a blogger, international speaker, and author of Paleo Fitness: Primal Training and Nutrition to Get Lean, Strong, and Healthy.