Awake & Evolve: Cycle 2 – Breakthrough Meditation, Part 2

The second cycle of Awake & Evolve workouts focuses on using the breath, building upper body stamina, and fostering a habit of regular meditation.

“Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. When people ask me what really changed my life eight years ago, I tell them that absolutely the most important thing was changing what I demanded of myself. I wrote down all the things I would no longer accept in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate, and all the things that I aspired to becoming”.

~Tony Robbins~ 

Breakthrough Meditation Part 2

Begin by bringing your eyes to a soft gaze or closing your eyes.

Take a moment to reflect on your meditation from last Sunday.

Let the influx of thoughts flow in with a calm breath.

Begin to ask yourself what things are you no longer to accept in my life? What things will you no longer tolerate? What do you aspire to change and become? How will you work towards this change?

Listen as you let your mind flow without judgment.

As you go in deeper, continue to focus on your breath pattern as you begin to be more aware of the quality of your thoughts and your mental shifts.

Stay with this meditation for 10 minutes.