Build Your Gymnastic Base: Handstands and Roll Variations - Page 2

Chris Lofland


North Richland Hills, Texas, United States



Week 2

Day 1

3-5 Sets of tap swings on rings x10



5 Sets for quality:

  • Strict chin up x5-10
  • Hollow body ring push up x10
  • Candlestick negatives x5


Day 2

3 Sets of:

  • 3-10seconds wrist support
  • 30s left split
  • 30s right split
  • 30s pancake


Day 3

Press to handstand variations

  • Bent arm
  • Straight arm
  • Tuck, pike, straddle, hollow back



5 Sets for quality

  • Handstand push up x5-10
  • V-ups x20
  • Candlestick roll to jump x10


Day 4

3 Sets of:

  • Skin the cat x3
  • 30s ankle stretch
  • Roll to pancake x6


Day 5

Lever variations, 10-20 minutes practice:

  • Front lever
  • Back lever
  • Planche work


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