The Creative Movement workout is a compilation of dance movement, bellydance, barre, pilates, kettlebells, and yoga. This workout will move through various types of programming for levels beginner to advanced. The goal of the workout is to gain a technical foundation of dance movement, increase fluidity and flexibility, increase overall body strength, and explore your body through various mediums.


The first cycle of this workout series builds a foundation for basic dance technique and functional fitness skills. We will begin with a beginner barre workout that fuses ballet, dance movement, bodyweight exercise, and yoga into one fun and inspiring class.



Creative Movement will run Tuesday and Thursday, but feel to pick any two days that work for your schedule. Have fun with the workout and find your artist in your athletic journey.


Week 10, Day 2


Warm Up
March 3 mins


Upper Body:
Strict Push Ups 25x
Diamond Push Ups 25x


Cow Face Pose right (R) arm 20 secs
Cow Face Pose left (L) arm 20 secs


Lower Body:
Thigh Driver 10 reps 3x
Chair Pose at the Barre 1 Inch Lifts 25x
Chair Pose at the Barre 1 Inch Lifts in Releve 25x
Wide V at the Barre 1 Inch Lifts 20x
Wide V at the Barre 1 Inch Lifts 4 Up & 4 Down 20x


Figure 4 R Leg 30secs
Triangle R Side 30 secs
Figure 4 left leg 30secs
Triangle R Side 30 secs


Bicycles 50x
Mountain Climbers 25x


Back Work:
Cobra 20 secs
Snake R Side 30 secs
Snake L Side 30 secs


Downward Dog 30secs
Upward Dog 30secs
Childs Pose 30 secs