JumpNRope CrossFit Games Highlights (Video)

Jumping rope is a real sport of its own, and these skilled athletes demonstrate the playfulness of it at its finest.

Most people will pick up the jump rope, a staple of the elementary school's playground, and just do some leisurely forward skips. CrossFitters will bang out dozens of double-unders before you even know it. But athletes from JumpNRope will ace feats of agility, coordination, creativity, and teamwork that will truly leave you awed and humbled.

The jump rope is more than just a basic conditioning tool. The stunning performances seen here at the Reebok 2012 CrossFit Games are a metaphor for any fitness modality: you can always milk more out of a move or a tool. And if it means greater body-awareness, more self-confidence, better skills and well-rounded fitness, and just a cool party trick, why wouldn't you want to learn some slick moves like these?