Phase 2 Special Forces Prep: Strength, Skill Work, Aerobic Power

Wes Kennedy


Athbasca, Canada

Military Fitness, CrossFit

Who is this program for?

  • Military members preparing for a Special Forces selection phase
  • Anybody who wants to train like a Special Forces Operator


How does this program work?

This will be a nine-month program designed to prepare military members for Special Forces selection. The term Special Forces is used broadly and does not necessarily mean U.S. Army Green Beret.


This program will not contain the exceptionally large volume of swimming or rucking that might be required for a SEAL or SAS selection phase, although both modalities will be included.


The program will be broken down into two phases, each with a different focus:



Download Phase 2 Special Forces Prep: Strength, Skill Work, Aerobic Power as PDF


Why should I use this program?

Whether you are looking to increase your chances of passing Special Forces selection, or you simply want to train at this level, this program follows an intelligent progression over nine months that incorporates injury-proofing, strength, stamina, toughness training, and event specific modalities such as swimming and rucksack marching. It is written based on my experience as an ex-Special Forces soldier turned coach.


What equipment do I need?

Mondays and Thursdays will generally be strength specific days that you can perform at most gyms. Tuesdays and Fridays may require equipment typically found at a CrossFit-type gym. Saturdays will often include things such as boxing, swimming, biking, and running outside.


Week 12, Day 1

A: build to a 3RM back squat
B: build to a 3RM press
Perform 20min of Z1 work, you choose the modality


- little to no pause between reps for the 3RM tests, but 2-3 seconds is okay


Day 2

"90min run w/40# ruck for best possible time
10min Z1 swim


- warm up appropriately for 90min ruck



Day 3

Find your 200m max dumbbell farmer's carry
A: build to a 3RM touch-and-go deadlift, rest as needed
400m sprint for best possible time


- moderate walk pace for farmer's carry, no running
- rest as needed between attempts
- sprint should empty the tank


Day 4


5 rounds for time:

  • row 350m
  • 12 burpee pull ups
  • 8 wall walks


- dig deep and empty the tank
- note your strategy going into the event, what changed, and what you would have done differently in the end


Day 5

60min hike: easy pace


- Spend the hike thinking about the next three months of the program. What you need to do in terms of your mental game and personal attributes to be ready for selection?
- Make sure your nutrition and sleep are dialed in for the last three month cycle. We will be doing a mini-selection in six to eight weeks that will last two to four days.


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