Phase 2 Special Forces Prep: Strength, Skill Work, Aerobic Power

Wes Kennedy


Athbasca, Canada

Military Fitness, CrossFit

Who is this program for?

  • Military members preparing for a Special Forces selection phase
  • Anybody who wants to train like a Special Forces Operator


How does this program work?

This will be a nine-month program designed to prepare military members for Special Forces selection. The term Special Forces is used broadly and does not necessarily mean U.S. Army Green Beret.


This program will not contain the exceptionally large volume of swimming or rucking that might be required for a SEAL or SAS selection phase, although both modalities will be included.


The program will be broken down into two phases, each with a different focus:



Download Phase 2 Special Forces Prep: Strength, Skill Work, Aerobic Power as PDF


Why should I use this program?

Whether you are looking to increase your chances of passing Special Forces selection, or you simply want to train at this level, this program follows an intelligent progression over nine months that incorporates injury-proofing, strength, stamina, toughness training, and event specific modalities such as swimming and rucksack marching. It is written based on my experience as an ex-Special Forces soldier turned coach.


What equipment do I need?

Mondays and Thursdays will generally be strength specific days that you can perform at most gyms. Tuesdays and Fridays may require equipment typically found at a CrossFit-type gym. Saturdays will often include things such as boxing, swimming, biking, and running outside.


Week 7, Day 1

Warm up:
-Side plank on elbow with 10 leg lifts x 3/side
A1: back squat @ 31X1 x 8-10, rest 60 seconds x 3
A2: press @ 21X1 x 8-10, rest 60sec x 3
B: push press x; rest 10sec between clusters, rest 3min x 3
C: standing pallof press x 10-12, rest 70sec x 3, hold the extended position for 4 seconds each rep
7 minutes AMRAP @ 90% effort:

  • 20 40# overhead sandbag lunges
  • 3 wall walks
  • Run 150m


- push press preferably done on blocks
- keep rib cage and pelvis aligned during pallof press, maintain athletic positoin
- 7min AMRAP is there to teach you that you always have something left in the tank, try to hit this shortly after finishing the pallof press


Day 2


  • 15min swim @ 70% effort
  • 25min bike @ 70% effort
  • 25min run @ 70% effort
  • 30min run w/ 40# ruck in fatgiues


2km run @ 80-90% effort
Rest 8min
8min AMRAP @ 80-90% effort

  • 20 push ups
  • 6 strict pull ups
  • 10 back extensions
  • 8 forward rolls

30 four-count flutter kicks, rest 60sec x 3




- AM workout done at sustainable pace


Day 3

Warm up:
- 3 Sets of side leg raises, 10 forward and 10 backwards each side
A1: prowler push 50m hard and heavy, rest 60sec x 4
A2: hang power cleans x 8-10, rest 90sec x 4
B: deadlifts x, rest 10sec between clusters, rest 3min x 3
C: single-arm standing DB bent-over rows @ 31X2 x 8-10, rest 60sec between arms x 3/arm
10sec airdyne or sprint @ 95-95%, rest 1:50 x 3


35min airdyne @ Z1 pace, stopping every 5 minutes to complete 1 rope climb 20ft


- Airdyne sprints: 85-90%, if it makes you sick you're going a little bit too hard, if you think it's not at all hard because it's only 10sec, learn to dig deeper


Day 4

10min EMOM
odd - 16 box jump step downs 24"
even 160ft farmer's carry 80lbs/hand
Rest 6min
10min EMOM
odd- row 12 cals
even- 150ft buddy carry

90min ruck with 70#'s on gravel road while carrying a 10# sledge hammer at the low ready position using both hands
10min swim with ruck as flotation device


- Ruck walk done at 5-6km/hr pace
- Moderate swim with ruck, learn to pack it so it floats


Day 5

Warm up:
- 3 sets of 10 clamshells each side
A1: stiff-legged deadlifts @ 30X2 x 8-10, rest 45sec x 4
A2: weighted ring dips @ 31X2 x 6-8, rest 45sec x 4
B: RFESS @ 3010 x 10-12, rest 60sec between legs x 3/leg
C1: 2pood KB Swings x 20-30, rest 60sec x 3
C2: 20-30 wall ball, 20#/10ft, rest 60sec x 3
D: band pull-aparts @ 3032 x 8-10, rest 70sec x 3
Row 10min


Cool Down


- do body weight only dips if necessary
- stay true to tempo on RFESS


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