Physical Readiness for Firefighters: 12 Week Training Plan - Page 4

Lars Bredahl


Victoria, Canada

Law Enforcement and Firefighters, CrossFit

These workouts are designed by full-time firefighter and coach Lars BredahlLars has been involved in various aspects of firefighting, including working on the Firefighter Combat Challenge Team and working as a trainer for his co-workers. Lars brings his years of experience and expertise together to create this workout program.


For the complete explanation of the program, read the Firefighter Workouts FAQ.


Week 4 - Testing Week

Day 1


A. Split Squats - find an 8 RM, rest as needed b/t legs
B. Deadlift - find a 5 RM, rest as needed
C. GH Raises x 11-13 reps, rest 1 min x 3
D. Side Bridge 50 sec/side - 30 rest, 2/side
E. 10 sec AD sprint @ 100%, rest 1:20 x 7


Notes: test of split squats and deadlifts, mind form!


Day 2


A. Bench Press - find a 5 RM, rest as needed
B. Pull Ups - Find a 5RM, rest as needed
C. Dips - Find a 5 RM, rest as needed
D. Ring Rows - Find a 5 RM (angle and weight as needed)
E. 30 sec Row @ 80-90%, 30 sec @ 50% x 16 - rest 3 min b/t sets 8&9


Notes: Get a spotter for bench press.


Day 3


A. Back Squats - Find a 5 RM, rest as needed
B. Good Mornings x 7-9 reps, rest 2 min x 3
C. Swiss Ball Leg Curls x 11-13 reps, rest 1 min x 3
D. Plank on Elbows - AMSAP, 1 attempt
E. Row 100m @ 100%, rest 1:45 x 7


Notes: Keep back straight on all lifts.


Day 4


A. Standing Press - find a 5 RM, rest as needed
B. Bent Over Rows - find a 5 RM, rest as needed
C1. Seated DB Press x 5-7 reps, rest 1 min
C2. DB Row x 5-7/arm, rest 1 min x 2
D. 10 min AD - 1 attempt max calories


Notes: strong, hard effort for 10 min straight


Day 5

Saturday or Sunday

45-55 min Hike @ Z1


Notes: recovery work


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