Strength & Conditioning – Eva Twardokens: Week 3, Day 4

The Turkish Get Up is fantastic move for building all over body strength, as well as flexibility and core stabilization. Check out this great workout combo from Eva T.

Welcome to our three week program of workouts designed by Eva Twardokens. Eva’s workouts are all about building basic strength and conditioning, but include everything from Olympic weightlifting, to gymnastics, to kettlebells, to powerlifting.

Four new workouts are posted each week, starting on Monday, and can be done on any day you have available. Make sure you warm up adequately before starting any of these workouts!

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3 rounds, for time:

3 Turkish get ups, right arm – finishing the last rep with 10 kettlebell swings

3 Turkish get ups, left arm – finishing the last rep with 10 kettlebell swings

400 M run

Recommended weights: 16kg for women, 24kg for men

Only do weight that you can FULLY stabilize with an extended arm AT ALL TIMES. Scale the weight down if you cannot.

Post weights and time to comments below.