Strength & Conditioning: Jon Bruney, Week 3, Day 3

A Neuro-Set is comprised of three distinct types of exercises all combined into one brutal set. Follow this three-week program to experience the effectiveness of Neuro-Sets firsthand.

EDITOR’S NOTE:These workouts are written by world-class trainer, coach, motivational speaker, strongman, author, and pastor Jon Bruney. Jon’s work with competitive athletes includes Olympians and NFL players. You can learn more about Jon by visiting Submit Strength Equipment and Pressing the Limits.

A Neuro-Set is comprised of three distinct types of exercises all combined into one brutally effective set. The synergistic result of this exercise combination is increased neuromuscular efficiency and maximum muscular hypertrophy. This means that the Neuro-Set not only increases muscle size, but also strength and athleticism.

The three types of exercises that make up the Neuro-Set are as follows:

  • Grinds – Slow, controlled exercises that place resistance on large muscle groups. These exercises require total-body tension.
  • Dynamic Power Drills – Performed quickly, these are movements that require power and speed. They are ballistic in the concentric portion of the movement and also use momentum to deliver an enhanced eccentric-loading effect.
  • Isometrics – This category of exercise is performed while maintaining a static position. The joint-angle and muscle-length remain constant for the duration of the contraction.

Each one of these exercise types has historically been quite effective on its own. But when they are synergistically combined into a Neuro-Set, they become a powerful force that smashes through the roadblocks of physique transformation.

These workouts will be posted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For a more detailed explanation of this programming, read my article, “Unleash the Power of Neuro-Sets.”

Week 3, Day 3

  1. Double Kettlebell Front Squat x 12
  2. Explosive Lunges: 60 seconds
  3. Isometric Wall Squat: 12 seconds

Repeat Neuro-Set four more times

  1. Double Kettlebell bent Over Row x 12
  2. Pull Up Bar Walk: 60 seconds
  3. Towel Bow Pull: 12 seconds

Repeat Neuro-Set for more times

  • Optional Nero burner work

Five sets x 30 seconds

The Neuro-Burner is made of parachute material and measures roughly 38″ x 70″. By executing rapid oscillations while working with a partner, working withe Neuro-Burner will simulate sport activities through fluctuations in intensity, resistance, and force. Click here to see a videoof the Neuro-Burner in action.