These workouts were designed by strength and conditioning coach and MMA training expert Sabina Skala. Sabina prepared this program for professional fighter Richie J. Edwards to build strength and power. The workouts are presented exactly as they happened without modifications. They will be posted three times per week, but you can adjust them to fit your own MMA or BJJ training schedule. To learn more about Sabina's approach to coaching MMA fighters, read her article, "How to Train Strength and Conditioning for MMA."


Week 1, Day 2: Strength Phase, Day 2



Warm up with joint mobility etc


2 x Pull Up Ladder 5-1

  • Concentric: 1 sec
  • Isometric (hold at the top): for 2 sec
  • Eccentric (lower down to full extension): 3 sec

Build up to 100 kg then:

  • 5 x @ 100kg
  • 5 x @ 110kg
  • 3 x @ 120kg
  • 2 sets of 3 x @ 128kg (80% 1RM)


Assisted Glute Ham Raise: 4 rounds, 6 reps


Leg Raises x 6 per side @16kg


  • Concentric (up) 1 sec
  • Eccentric (lower down) 3 sec



16kg Dumbbell Isometric Ab Work x 8: Sitting on a bench, hook one foot against a bar on the Smith machine, press against the bar with the other foot. Lean back until you feel most tension in your abdominals. Maintaining this position, Richie did 8 dumbbell presses per arm.