These workouts were designed by strength and conditioning coach and MMA training expert Sabina Skala. Sabina prepared this program for professional fighter Richie J. Edwards to build strength and power. The workouts are presented exactly as they happened without modifications. They will be posted three times per week, but you can adjust them to fit your own MMA or BJJ training schedule. To learn more about Sabina's approach to coaching MMA fighters, read her article, "How to Train Strength and Conditioning for MMA."


Week 3, Day 2: Strength Phase, Day 8

Warm up with joint mobility.




3 Rounds:

10 x KB swing @ 16 kg

5 x Knee Jump

5 x Squat Jump

(Focus on explosive hip drive)



Barbell Russian Twist - 20kg Barbell x 10 (Left & Right counts as 1)

Every round change the level:

Round 1: Top of the thigh 

Round 2: Just below the knee

Round 3: Down to the floor


Front Squat 1 RM test

New PR – 105 kg

Richie’s weight is 73kg at the moment, which makes him nearly reach the Front Squat standard, which is 1.5x Bodyweight. I have not tested deadlifts, as we worked up to 160kg in the past, which means he already is able to lift required weight. I look more at the speed at which he moves the bar when performing the deadlift and I will focus on building him up to be able to complete more repetitions at 80% -90% his 1RM.



Strict Press

Build up to 50 kg (83% 1RM)

4 x 3 reps @ 50 kg

2 mins active rest between sets.



Light Overhead Squats (Structural, working on opening up the chest)

3 x 8 @ 30kg



Box Jumps @ 24” 3 x5 reps (Focus on controlled landing)



Mobility work


NOTES: Today marks the final day of the Strength Phase. We have tested Front Squat 1RM. I have tested Front Squat only because this was the lift that was hard for Rich to improve. It was also the first lift with which we used TUT method. Today Richie got his new personal record – 105 kg (his previous 1RM was 95kg). What was even more important for me, is the fact that he could comfortably squat 95kg for 3 repetitions at a very good speed. The new 1RM was clean with good technique.