These workouts were designed by strength and conditioning coach and MMA training expert Sabina Skala. Sabina prepared this program for professional fighter Richie J. Edwards to build strength and power. The workouts are presented exactly as they happened without modifications. They will be posted three times per week, but you can adjust them to fit your own MMA or BJJ training schedule. To learn more about Sabina's approach to coaching MMA fighters, read her article, "How to Train Strength and Conditioning for MMA."


Week 4, Day 3: Power Phase, Day 4



Note: Richie was pretty tired after hard sparing session a day before. He said his legs felt heavy, so the session focuses mostly on pushing . 


Warm up with joint mobility



4 Rounds:

Push Ups x 6 (+ 10kg disc on Richie's back): Controlled down, fast up ( hands remain on the floor)

Clapping Push Up x 6: Explode as high as possible each time

Rest 2 mins between rounds



Build up to 80% 1RM Jerk and @ 62.5kg 

4 Rounds:

Jerk x 3

Medicine Ball Slam x 6 (6 kg med ball)

Medicine Ball Chest Pass x 6 - focus on speed

Rest 2mins, 30 sec between rounds or longer if the form and/or speed is compromised.



3 rounds of 8 reps (controlled)

Inverted Row (Parallel to the floor, chest has to touch the bar)



3 Rounds of Cable Column Wood Chop 

8 x each side @ 41kg (90lbs)  



3 x 100m row @ 20 sec or below pace

Rest 1 min in between  

  1. 20.03  sec @ 38 s/m
  2. 20.04 sec @ 38 s/m
  3. 20.01 sec @ 36 s/m 


Cool down and flexibility work