Video: Ben Musholt: 4 Basic Capoeira Movements

In this video, Ben demonstrates four basic Capoeira movements. These are the ginga, the macaco stretch, a cartwheel kick-over, and the queda de rins.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Every Sunday we will be featuring a new bodyweight exercise video from physical therapist Ben Musholt, author of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia. Ben has a diverse movement background, spanning board sports, martial arts, parkour, and gymnastics. Get watching and get moving!

In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates four basic Capoeira movements for you to explore. Capoeira is an intense Brazilian martial art that demands high levels of gymnastic and acrobatic skill, as well as flexibility throughout the major joints of the body. The movements are as follows:

  • Ginga – The foundation ofCapoeira. It can be done in a variety of ways – high, low, fast, and slow to name a few. Try this as a warm up.
  • Macaco stretch – Based on a back handspring, it looks like a one-armed bridge. It stretches your chest, your lats, and your hip flexors.
  • Cartwheel kick-over – A strengthening activity, perform these repetitively back and forth.
  • Queda de Rins – A plyometric push up, again go back and forth with these. Literally translated as "fall on the kidneys."

Try them and let us know how they feel!