It's the last lifting section of the week so it's a quick in and out of the gym after a the volume you've just done.
Today we use our kettlebells to add something extra challenging to our push ups.
We like slam ball. It's energizing but also a kind of therapy. Get's your mind to unload all that crap and channel it in a positive way.
The first time we're seeing the dead stop back squat in today's workout.
It's Flag Day and what better day then to support the work of Mike McCastle for veterans by participating in his challenge.
Lots of new push up variations to try today as we pass the halfway mark in this challenge.
Looks like a big day for squats. You have been warned.
It's rare that you see a pull up in a weightlifting set but it's here today.
Stick with the rep scheme so you have enough in the tank for the whole workout.
It's game day which means pushing yourself that much harder.
We've got it all today and if you think a skateboard is something you stand on, you'd be mistaken.
The medicine ball is the cure for what ails you.
It's a 3-week challenge and we are onto the second week of training. Numbers and strength are on the upswing.
We haven't seen a bench press in a while, but it's here and a chance to work with a partner, too.
Good high volume day to get you going at the beginning of your training week.
End the week on a high note and make sure you're ready for your rest days.
Some heavy duty kettlebell work today will get you primed for the end of the week.