Nutritious Movement With Katy Bowman: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 6

Primal movement, pelvic floor health, and how to perform and feel better? What more is there to talk about?

"Move Your DNA" (Book Review)

Katy Bowman has a fresh perspective on our movement habits that you won’t find anywhere else. Her new book will help you move more and feel better.

Bigger Is Not Better: How Bodyweight and Size Affect Field Sports

When it comes to field sports, it seems relative strength is more important than big muscles.

The Biomechanics of Changing Direction

A new study identified some key biomechanical components of cutting performance.

Beyond Babywearing: Mechanical Nutrients for Babies (And Parents)

Baby carriers and jogging strollers are helpful, but we shouldn't overlook the most basic way to get a baby around.

Why Athletes Need to Understand the Concept of Torque

The concept of torque is a foundation of human movement and is a core principle in physical therapy, personal training, and weightlifting.

How Gait and Posture Change With Age and Exercise

When we think of age-related gait and posture issues, we tend to automatically think of hip problems. A new study reveals ankle strength and activity level might be more to blame.

Analysis of Power Outputs in the Clean Uncovers New Information

You've probably seen those graphs of power outputs of various exercises before. Now science examines the clean, but in an effort to determine which way of measuring force is actually the best method.

Katy Bowman and the Biomechanics of Human Growth: The Necessity of Monkey Business

Monkey bars are often blamed for injuries. Katy Bowman's kids have them in their bedrooms. Learn why she thinks babies - yes, babies! - should cultivate upper body strength and how to do it safely.

Katy Bowman and the Biomechanics of Human Growth: Barefoot Babies

Biomechanics isn't just for elite athletes and physical therapists. Katy Bowman, founder of the Restorative Exercise Institute, discusses 'baby biomechanics' and what feet have to do with it.

Biomechanics and Newton’s Laws: Force-Time Curves and Human Movement

Biomechanics has two aims: to improve performance and to minimize injury. Let's discuss how to decipher a force-time curve and analyze the information we get from studying a simple vertical jump.

Biomechanics and ‘Bells: What Does It All Mean?

Dr. Jason Lake takes us on a little journey to explain biomechanics and some basic terminology. In this article he talks about the kettlebell swing and the physics behind it.

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