Conquer the Art of the Freestanding Handstand (Video)

Here's a four step guide on how to master the skills of the freestanding handstand.

Interview with B.J.J. Trainer, Fitness Specialist, and Pastor Steve McKinney

Steve McKinney shares the training benefits of using safe lifts and intensity to build size and strength.

Starvation Mode: How to Make the Fasted State Work for You

For calorie control, appetite management, and health, my go-to is intermittent fasting.

Building Confidence as a BJJ Practitioner (Athlete Journal 63)

Between drilling, rolling, and going to judo this week, I'm feeling pretty confident.

"C-Mass" (Book Review)

In his new book, Paul "Coach" Wade answers a common question: How do you build muscle using bodyweight-only training?

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Perfect Jerk

Here's exactly what you should be doing from start to finish to ensure a safe and successful lift.

2 Critical Exercises to Prepare Your Feet for Minimalist Footwear

If your feet hurt in your new minimalist shoes, lack of preparation may be to blame.

Examine Your Operating System (Athlete Journal 55)

I challenge you to explore your personal system of training and assess what's most important to you.

Cutting Weight in Weightlifting: Is There a Better Way?

Athletes have died trying to make weight. Therefore, efforts at reform in this area crop up regularly.

1 Crockpot + 1 Pork Belly Recipe = 3 Delicious Meals

Creating simple recipes in the crockpot allows you to prepare multiple meals with one staple ingredient.

In 2015: Move Better Than You Ever Have Before

Function relates to one thing only - movement. If you can’t move, you’re dysfunctional.

3 Reasons You Should Do the Bent Press: The King of Lifts

Take a cue from old-time strongmen to build solid total-body strength and mobility.

"Fat Loss Happens on Monday" (Book Review)

This book by Josh Hillis and Dan John is full of solid workout plans and weight-loss strategies.

Tailor Your Winter Cycling Training Plan Via Heart Rate Zones

Understanding the energy systems you are using will improve your cycling performance.

How to Construct an Effective Tactical Training Program

Too often, general tactical programs lack specific, transferrable value in the exercises and progressions.

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