The physical preparation considerations for an MMA fighter are as complicated as you'll find in all of sports.
While strength is definitely important and should be part of any runner’s off-season programming, so is the ability to develop power.
Prepare for setbacks in your training the same way you prepare for competition.
How to achieve peak conditioning and peak strength levels simultaneously? The correct interplay of both conditioning and strength can maximize your performance in either.
Effective fat loss only requires consistency and effort.
You can avoid your aversion to long, slow, boring cardio by mixing it into your lifting.
Power is the byproduct of speed and strength. Here are the many ways you can approach training with this singular movement.
What makes the concentric movement less effective in building muscle and strength is the same thing that makes it great as a conditioning tool.
Pushing your mental and physical limit is the only way to realize your greatest potential.
Builds explosive power through the hips.
There is no sport or training modality that combines the physical and mental challenges of MMA.
You can't beat a fighter's workout for a lean, strong upper body.
No exercise increases muscle size and power, shreds fat, and increases your cardiovascular capacity as well as sprinting.
Real world capability trumps gym strength every time.
Coaches are inundated with cool-looking, “sport-specific” exercises. But simplicity is the key to progress.
“If it is hard, then it is good for them” is the recipe for a tough team that is weak and slow. We are smarter than that.
Do this two or three times per week, and you'll be faster and fitter within a month