core strength

Breathing can brace us for extremes of pressure and it can release us to explode out of the starting gate. Develop good habits to unleash the power of your breath.
It's time we stop thinking of the core as just a six pack.
If I were held at gunpoint and forced to choose one lower body exercise, I would choose the pistol.
Your core does a lot more than help you sit up, so here's a workout that will engage it in every other way.
These drills will not only build strength, but help build body awareness of a proper handstand position.
The way we've been taught to run is at odds with the natural function of our anatomy.
A discussion of preferred methods for training the core for performance both on the field of play and in the weight room.
When it comes to designing your workouts, too many options can distract from focus.
These movement screens will allow you to assess your core stability and conduct core strength tests. See if you know how to use and move your core.
Sports hernias are an all-too-common example of the acute problems that can follow excessive chronic tension.
You've done the hard part and had your baby, but before you get back to heavy lifting, give your core some attention.
The neck is one part of the body's deep core stabilizing system, and weakness can create problems down the chain.
Lifting is fine, but in the real world, we pick things up to carry them.
Birthing balls are the latest trend sweeping the pregnant mother's fitness world. One study wanted to find out what happened when mothers spent more time training with or using the birthing ball.
You can use play as an incredibly effective and enjoyable way to improve your quality of movement.
Understand weight ratios and frequency of lifting between front and back squats. Make your clean and jerk roar.
If you want strong lats and phenomenal core strength, then the front lever is an exercise for you.