core strength

A discussion of preferred methods for training the core for performance both on the field of play and in the weight room.
When it comes to designing your workouts, too many options can distract from focus.
Sports hernias are an all-too-common example of the acute problems that can follow excessive chronic tension.
You've done the hard part and had your baby, but before you get back to heavy lifting, give your core some attention.
The neck is one part of the body's deep core stabilizing system, and weakness can create problems down the chain.
Lifting is fine, but in the real world, we pick things up to carry them.
Birthing balls are the latest trend sweeping the pregnant mother's fitness world. One study wanted to find out what happened when mothers spent more time training with or using the birthing ball.
You can use play as an incredibly effective and enjoyable way to improve your quality of movement.
If you want strong lats and phenomenal core strength, then the front lever is an exercise for you.
It is at this time of life that we really need to focus on maintaining both an intelligent exercise protocol and a healthy diet.
Nothing will expose your mobility or stability problems faster than squatting with a weight over your head.
Follow these exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles and get your first pull-up in no time.
You'll need to do more than sit-ups for the ab definition you're looking for.
A body built for high performance starts with the core.
Force your system to adapt to challenging stimuli for optimal function and performance.
This year is about combinations. Nothing covers muscle development and body fat reduction than exercises driven by both arms and legs.
Being upside down calms the nervous system, stimulates circulation throughout our body, and makes us head-to-toe stronger. It's worth it.