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crossFIXE HANDS Tube and MUSCLE Paste (Product Review)

Anyone who lifts regularly knows the importance of hand maintenance and muscle pain relief. That's where crossFIXE can help.

How to Not Rip Your Hands (and How to Fix Them if It's Too Late)

Whether it is kettlebells, CrossFit, weightlifting, or any number of other activities, your hands take a serious beating.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai (Video)

There's no absolute right or wrong technique for wrapping your hands, but this is my favorite method and it works well.

So You Think You're Badass? 12 Tell-Tale Signs

Have a read through the list. Have you got what it takes? Are you truly hardcore? Here are twelve dead giveaways that you are one seriously badass mofo.

How Barbell Knurling Differs and How This Impacts Different Lifters

Let's talk about barbell knurling. How does it differ between barbells? How does it affect different lifters? How do you prep your hands to deal with it?

Product Review: Yoga Hands + Giveaway!

Your hands need stretching, too, especially after a hard workout or all the typing most people do. Yoga Hands provides a convenient way to care for your hands and prevent cramping.

Product Review: Primal Life Organics

Primal Life Organics creates gluten-free, organic, vegan products that cater to athletes. I had the opportunity to try out six of their products, and will be going back for more.

Dear Coach: How Do I Keep My Hands From Ripping?

This week a reader asks how to prevent ripping of the skin on her palms, and if they are ripped, the best way to heal them up. I've got plenty of tips for both those things!

Hand Care 102: Treating Rips

You work out hard and occasionally you do some serious damage to your hands. Last week we talked about how to prevent rips to the skin on your palms, but what happens once a rip occurs?

Hand Care 101: Preventing Rips

A lot of people are into working out hard and depending on your sport, the sensitive skin on your palms can get rough and become torn. How do you prevent rips? If a rip occurs, how do you treat it?

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