It's that time of year when a lot of us are traveling. How do you stay healthy? Here are my tips for staying vibrant, healthy, and enjoying the holidays whether it be by car or plane.
I love to visit CrossFit gyms when I travel the globe, but I've learned some lessons along the way. Cultural differences extend to the gym and there are some basic etiquette tips you need to know!
In 2010 Jaala Thibault moved to Afghanistan to teach English. She navigated cultural differences, bombs, and a shortage of equipment to still qualify for the CrossFit Games Asia Regionals.
We all know we are more susceptible to getting sick when we travel, but science took a hard look at how crossing time zones has an incremental effect on the health of elite athletes.
I spent my Easter/Passover weekend using as many forms of transportation as possible to travel to the Middle East for the Abu Dhabi World Pro tournament. I also made some macaroni pictures.