5 Reasons Why You Aren't Seeing Results in the Gym

Hannah Jennings

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It's frustrating. You think you have a plan, you think your training program is workable, you have your meals prepped, and yet you don't see results. You see training partners or friends reaching goals and making progress, but you are stuck where you are—and what's worse is you don't know why.


We've all been there at times, with training and with life. Stagnation is a common theme throughout the history of humanity, and we all must face it at times. But, by employing some real, simple, and doable principles, I believe that you can make progress and reach the goals you are working toward. Getting past the following sticking points can be done and, if you want to see progress, must be done.



Issue #1: Lack of Consistency

We’ve all heard consistency is key. You are not going to see results unless you're being consistent. How many more times do you need to hear it before you apply it to your program? It can seem daunting at first, but once you put in the work, consistency becomes second nature. Start small if you must. Set a number goal per week of days you will train and in doing so also make an effort to stick with a program through full duration. It’s not always going to be fun and exciting, but the reward of completing your training plan and getting stronger will be worth it in the end.


5 Reasons Why You Aren't Seeing Results in the Gym - Fitness, strength and conditioning, motivation, discipline, daily exercise, training plan


Issue #2: Lack of Effective Programming

It’s no secret that the “get a bigger booty in 14 days” fads are everywhere. But have these programs actually worked for you? Keep in mind that every training session should build on the last training session. It is important that you find a program that has a progression and that is tailored towards your goals. Effective programs should be 6-8 weeks in length.


Issue #3: You Make Motivation a Priority

Motivation is great, but it only works if you back it up with discipline. In order to stay truly motivated and keep that motivation going, you must be disciplined. Stay focused, control your desires and impulses, and understand what needs to be done to achieve your goal.


Issue #4: You Make Excuses

Telling yourself you don’t have time or you’re too busy is an excuse. Find ways around it. If this means losing some sleep to complete your training, so be it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to see results, the road to success has never been paved by the people who sat back and took it easy.


Issue #5: You Waste Time

You spend all your time in the gym trying new exercises, and on the latest cardio regime only to realize two weeks later you’re back to where you started. Think of it this way, the second you enter the gym, the clock starts running. Get your squats, benching, and deadlifts out of the way first. If you end up having to leave, at least you got something done. Worry less about the foam rolling and jumping jacks, and more on the exercises that are going to give you results.


Putting It to Practice

By addressing these issues, you can set yourself up for having success with your training and also with meeting your goals. Carefuly consider if you are susceptible to weakness in any one (or all) of the following areas and address it honestly for yourself. You can do better, so go do it!

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