Strength and Conditioning: Truth and Consequences

Greg Walsh


Rochester, New York, United States

Strength and Conditioning

Truth and consequences; Critical-thinking and accountability; Unconventional origins and philosophies;


We will speak with and strive to reach those that embody and embrace the above.



Thoughtful, progressive, desirable demographics- by nature and nurture- often do not have three hours to listen to someone else’s story when they are neck-deep in constructing their own.


Our transmissions will be clear, brief, and honest; Concepts often left for dead in this modern age, that we are excited to breathe life into.


Strength & Conditioning ‘Truth and Consequences’

Episode one, featuring Paul Roberts and CJ Mansfield from The Sect in Salt Lake City, UT.



The Sect is notable and admirable for many reasons; In today’s talk we focused on their unique hands-on community, their thorough and quality-oriented new member “vetting” process, and the notion of not allowing pursuit of excellence to be confined to one realm;


Details, mindfulness, and hard work transcend application, and applying the same strategies to their lives as they have to their training has made Paul and CJ two very talented and well-rounded people.


Hope you enjoy, please let The Sect know if you did, and feel free to suggest future guests directly to me at Wolf Brigade.


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