Some Pre-CrossFit Games Reflections From Carson

This is my third trip to the CrossFit Games. As such, I am in the experienced old-timer camp rather than the overly anxious first-time athlete category.

Multilevel Marketing Supplements and CrossFit

CrossFit affiliates are a multilevel marketing (MLM) dream come true. But MLM is not something that will benefit most affiliates or most people.

CrossFit Is a Great Thing, But Not the Only Thing

What happens when and if the tide turns, and you’ve sunk your entire existence into the religion of CrossFit?

When CrossFit Coaches Leave: Backstabbing or Dream Chasing?

There is a tension in the world of CrossFit. The glee of growth versus the backstabbing, disloyal coaches that leave you to start their own affiliates.

In Defense of the Kipping Pull Up

I won't disagree that the kipping pull up looks silly and isn’t a real pull up, but I’m tired of reading criticisms based on shoulder mechanics that have zero basis in reality.

5 Athletes to Watch in CrossFit and the NPFL

There was a time when Lindsey Valenzuela was not a household name in the world of functional fitness. But in 2011, she was simply “one to watch.”

How to Win in the Age of CrossFit Proliferation

There's no reason for a quality CrossFit box to suffer due to the crowd. Simply decide your product will be unmatchable.

Take Nothing for Granted: 9/11, CrossFit, and Breath

When your breathing gets the hardest, when you are clamoring for breath, dig deep and go a little harder.

Why the CrossFit Hopper Model Is Broken

The hopper model relates to selecting workouts at random. Surely there are better ways to program CrossFit?

Is CrossFit's Definition of Fitness Flawed?

Are we truly crowned the Fittest on Earth or do we merely have the winner of a contest with a bunch of arbitrary variables?

STFU and Get to Work: Why You Didn't Make the CrossFit Games

What's up with the big names not qualifying for the Games? Rocky came back to win at the end of Rocky III. But only after he STFU and got to work.

It’s Not CrossFit’s Fault, It’s the Reinforcement System, Part II

CrossFit workouts build mental toughness. The more we push, more toughness we can build. But what is the cost?

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