What the CrossFit Games 2015 Changes Mean for You

Bubble athletes, say goodbye to regionals. The bubble just moved 28 spots up the leaderboard.

2014 CrossFit Athlete Holiday Shopping Guide

This is not your average CrossFit holiday wish list, folks. Box owners, this is your client’s wish list.

The Proper Way to Do a Hero WOD and Honor the Fallen

Does doing a really hard workout “honor” someone killed in battle? No. So what are we left with?

EMOMs: The Most Misunderstood Method in CrossFit

The benefit of an EMOM is not to mix and match tasks, but to train energy systems and skills, and train you to work.

Is It Time to Look for a New CrossFit Gym?

While it comes down to individual needs and goals, there are good reasons to switch gyms, and bad reasons.

I Will CrossFit Every Day

Raising a son who has autism and dealing with a shoulder injury taught me CrossFit isn't just about presses and kipping pull ups.

A Weightlifting Etiquette Handbook for CrossFitters

Just because we may have pumped a little life into weightlifting, doesn’t mean we get to trample on its traditions.

Love CrossFit? 5 Tips to Avoid CrossFit Burnout

At the start, it seems like the trajectory can only ever be up. Then we hit a wall. It’s called burnout.

The Unhealthy Competition Bug: Is Your Gym Infected?

Along came the CrossFit Games. As the sport grew, so did a noticeable caste system within many boxes.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet: Strong, Real, and Less-Than-Perfect

Any comparisons of The Box’s cover photo and real photos of Camille seem to reveal a body much different.

When a Single Moment Is the Difference Between Winning and Losing

Oh the heartache when a single-rep makes the difference in winning and losing. In truth, the story is much larger.

5 Strong Female Role Models to Inspire the Next Generation

Who we teach our children and young athletes to admire is who they will admire and who they will become.

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