Why Swimming Is the Best Exercise For Pregnant Women

As a pregnant woman, what if you could relieve morning sickness and joint pain, and have a sense of well-being all because of one activity? Well, then it's time you try swimming.

I'm a Triathlete, I Don't Kick When I Swim

If you read the title of the article and agreed, I regret to say you're absolutely wrong. It is crucial to kick smart if you are going to be efficient in your swims. Here's the why and how of kicking.

Swimming May Be the Best Method of Recovery for All Athletes

New research shows improved performance and recovery ability when using swimming as active recovery. It might be the best way to recovery for the majority of hard-training athletes, not just swimmers.

4 Common Swimming Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Feeling like your swimming isn't very efficient? Here are the four most common mistakes I see in beginner/intermediate swimmers, and what you need to practice to create better swimming habits.

Swimming and the CrossFit Games: Why Is It Everyone's Weak Link?

4x CrossFit Games competitor Shana Alverson talks about the trauma of the swim component. How is it that swimming derails even the best of the best? And why is Shana calling herself out?

How to Swim Faster: It's All in Your Head

You want to swim faster, but your legs are too muscly and they weigh you down? Well, the REAL problem is in your head. No, you're not crazy, but your head position and technique may be.

Countdown to the Olympics: Swimming Through the Ages

As the Olympics approach let's look back at the evolution of swimming since the 1896 Games, and also what are the "must watch" events on the Olympic swimming event schedule.

5 CrossFit Exercises That Make You A Better Swimmer

As a CrossFitter and competitive swimmer, I have seen directly how CrossFit made me a better athlete and upped my swimming game. Here are my five favorite exercise to improve your swimming.

From Pool to Ocean: A Personal Account of My Brief Open Water Swim Career

A lifelong swimmer, I had always competed in the pool until I was enticed to try open water swimming. Read on to hear my tale of the literal ups and downs of learning to swim the open water!

8 Bridges, 120 Miles of Swimming, and 1 Determined Woman: Grace van der Byl

Can you imagine swimming 120 miles in 7 days? Grace van der Byl can. On June 25 she begins the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim. Find out who she is and how she trains and eats in preparation.

Music Transmitted Through Your Skull Makes You Swim Faster

How come only land-based athletes get to listen to music while they train? What about swimmers? New research shows the SwiMP3 will make you swim faster AND enjoy it more, too.

Analysis Shows Suits to Blame for 2009's 43 World-Record Swims

Did the controversial swimsuit technology of 2009 contribute to the sudden rise in world-records? What other factors could have contributed or is technology blurring the lines of fairness?

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