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The Next Evolution

Despite the CrossFit scare tactics, despite the lawsuit, and despite the social media melee, the Martins are not standing down and not giving up on their passion. For them it always has been and always will be about the kids. “We will do whatever we need to support the community,” Jeff said. Though they are no longer connected to CrossFit Kids and they mourn the potential that business had, they are excited about their new path.


“We want people to have more education about how to train kids,” said Mikki. “There’s so much research out there on exercise and brain function and what we can do for kids in a really amazing way. We have the obesity problem. We have physical literacy issues. We have sports injury that’s just ridiculous because people are professionalizing their children. There’s so much work for us to do.”



Jeff and Mikki began as Brand X back in their martial arts days, and their new kids program flies under that proud banner - The Brand X Method. On the horizon are seminars, online courses, a new curriculum, and training centers. But the Martins are taking their time to create a quality product, striving to achieve the same level of excellence for which they’ve always been known.


They have launched one course – the Brand X Method Teen Weight Training Seminar – in response to coaches wanting to know more about safely teaching weightlifting and strength training to teenagers. As proof of the efficacy of their method, Jeff and Mikki recently took nine of their teenaged students to a USAPL meet in California. All nine won their weight classes and qualified for nationals.


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Jeff and Mikki at the USAPL meet with the Brand X Method staff and participants.


For more on this next evolution of kids coaching from Jeff, Mikki, and the Brand X Method, visit their website or their Facebook page. They regularly post pre-school, kids, pre-teens, and teens workouts. Just like they always did, but the Brand X Method is likely to be the purest form of their methodology and philosophy yet.



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