1 Voice Bluetooth Beanie and Headband (Product Review)

With these products, you won’t have to worry about tangled wires or spotty sound quality.

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With the controversy surrounding how healthy it is (or isn’t) to keep a cell phone up to your head, many people are looking for alternative options. Recently, I started using the 1 Voice Beanie and my girlfriend has been using the 1 Voice Headband.

These products have Bluetooth built into the product, so you don’t have to keep your phone to your ear. If you’re an athlete, you can exercise in comfort and style, listen to music, and answer your phone hands-free.

Product Design

I don’t usually use earbuds unless I have to because I find them uncomfortable. The 1 Voice Beanie functions like traditional headphones, but instead of a plastic or metal band that connects earpiece to earpiece, the beanie connects the earpieces. The earpieces are sewn into each side of the beanie and give a neat surround-sound effect, even if they aren’t totally over your ear. I found them more comfortable than many alternatives.

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My girlfriend doesn’t mind earbuds, which the headband comes with. The earbuds do improve the sound quality, but sweaty ears can lead to itchiness if you exercise a lot. That said, the headband is still a stylish option, and better for listening to music.

LEFT: 1 Voice beanie; RIGHT: How the 1 Voice headband works


The sound and reception were just as good as my phone. If anything, the 1 Voice was actually a little louder than my phone, and because the sound was in both ears, it was often easier to hear. So not only was it more convenient than holding a phone up to my head, especially while exercising, but it also worked better.

“The wires are contained entirely within the beanie, and mostly within the headband. Because they beanie and headband use Bluetooth, there’s no wire connecting to your phone.”

If you’re accustomed to listening to music via headphones while you exercise, you can avoid tangled wires. The wires are contained entirely within the beanie, and mostly within the headband. Because they beanie and headband use Bluetooth, there’s no wire connecting to your phone.

My Experience

I have the charcoal-colored beanie, although it comes in eight different colors and styles. The headband only comes in black. It’s cold here in Vermont where I live, so I have had several occasions to wear the beanie. Recently, a law was passed making it illegal to use your phone with your hands at all while driving, which gives me even more reason to don the beanie.

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Since I live in a particularly cold state, I sometimes wear a hood on top of my beanie. I’ve noticed this can make it difficult for the person on the other line to hear me during phone conversations. There’s a plastic microphone box that is typically worn on the back of the head to remain out of sight, but for clarity, I sometimes have to move the microphone to the front. This isn’t the most stylish choice, but it works well.

Honestly, if I hadn’t tried these products I probably never would have purchased them, but I have to admit, they work pretty well. The beanie keeps my head warm in the cold and makes talking on the phone way more convenient (and legal) than it is when using my phone. I recommend both the beanie and headband for convenient, hands-free listening during exercise.

The 1 Voice Beanie and the 1 Voice Headband are each available for $59.00 at 1VoiceNYC.com.

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