10 Universal Truths in Fitness and Nutrition

These simple principles may be all you ever need to improve your overall wellbeing.

Over the last few weeks we’ve observed a few similarities between the nutrition industry and British politics. The political atmosphere in the UK has been dominated by conflicting agendas for some time now, with the Leave and Remain referendum campaigns both employing fear tactics to influence voters. Plenty of information has presented as fact when in reality, most of both sides’ arguments were only based on forecasting and prediction.

The situation mirrors the state of affairs within the fitness and nutrition industry. Rants abound surrounding the precise details of an optimal diet and the most effective training methods. Absolutes and extremes are presented with little research to support them. Fans of the ketogenic diet are slapping bacon and butter in the face of the vegans whilst the raw foodies smash up microwaves and declare the frying pan the worst enemy to mankind. Poor quality scientific studies frequently enter the mix to justify personal biases. And if someone brings gluten into the conversation, everyone totally loses their shit.

Health used to be as simple as an apple a day. Not so much anymore.

A good number of coaches have a genuine passion to help people transform their lives, but the bigger personalities and companies with a lot to say and more to sell are dominating and confusing the fitness and nutrition scene.

10 Universal Truths in Fitness and Nutrition

With this in mind, one of the most helpful and proactive things fitness professionals can offer right now is an agreement on some key principles for better health. The health industry overcomplicates nutritional solutions because that creates a reliance on the professional or company supplying them. This is misguided. The fitness professional’s skillset will always be required to guide and motivate, but communications about getting healthier should be simple, realistic, and easy to implement.

At Fitter Food, we believe in ten universal truths to improve your health, boost your performance, and achieve your body composition goals. These simple truths may be all you ever need to improve your fitness and nutrition.

  1. Eat predominantly whole, minimally processed foods and limit flour-based products.
  2. Limit refined and natural added sugars.
  3. Eat primarily at mealtimes, with 3-5 hour gaps in-between meals, and avoid grazing.
  4. Limit alcohol intake to 1-2 sensible servings and have plenty of alcohol-free days in your week.
  5. Get 7-9 hours sleep every night.
  6. Find a stress management activity you can implement daily to help you switch off.
  7. Move more and frequently as part of your daily routine. Walk to work, stretch, clean the house, or do some gardening.
  8. Find the form of exercise you most enjoy and do it 2-4 times a week. Try lifting, running, swimming, playing a sport, or dancing.
  9. Cook the majority of your meals and source the ingredients yourself.
  10. Make mealtimes an occasion where you sit down, relax, eat slowly, and chew your food sufficiently to aid healthy digestion and avoid overeating.

It’s Time to Work Together

We’re sure many people spoiled their ballot paper at the EU referendum due to the absence of leaders or parties they truly believed in. Similarly, many people who once approached fitness professionals to reclaim their health may now turn their back on an industry that seems to have completely lost its way.

We need to stop this from happening. It’s time for the fitness industry to work collectively with a shared vision of changing lives. It’s time to help people fuel themselves with better nutritional choices and lifestyle habits, and empower them with a true understanding of health. These principles are a great place to start.

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