Isaac Maze and Melissa Peacock are the Winners of the 2022 Strengthlete Collective Clash on the Coast

Maze and Peacock showed off their stellar strength as a couple by winning the event.

The 2022 Strengthlete Collective Clash on the Coast (SCCOC) is in the books. On April 22-24, 2022, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, some of the best under-105-kilogram strongmen (U105KG) and under-82-kilogram strongwomen (U82KG) gathered to show off their strength and compete in the prestigious event.

Other competition highlights include new Cyr dumbbell world records for strongman Samantha Belliveau and strongman Nicolai Myers, and a new deadlift world record for Kira Wrixon.

By the event’s end, Isaac Maze won the U105KG strongman division, and Melissa Peacock was the inaugural victor in the U82KG strongwoman division.


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The strongwoman part of that competition was an Invitational, with Peacock and seven other athletes heading straight to the Women’s Final on April 24, 2022. Meanwhile, the strongman segment featured Maze and 35 other athletes who had to progress through a preliminary round before the Men’s Final on April 23, 2022.

Strongman legend Nick Best was the head judge of the entire competition, while 2022 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competitors — Maxime Boudreault and Evan Singleton — helped supervise the different events.

With her first-place finish, Peacock earned a cool $12,000 prize. Belliveau (second place) potted $5,000, while Nadia Stowers (third place) netted $3,000. On the men’s side, Maze took home $10,000 while Matthew McKeegan (second place) and Dan Hughes (third place) earned $3,000 and $2,000, respectively.

Below are the complete results of the competition:

2022 Strengthlete Collective Clash on the Coast | U105KG Strongman Results

  1. Isaac Maze (Canada) — 50.5 points | $10,000
  2. Matthew McKeegan (Ireland) — 47 points | $3,000
  3. Dan Hughes (United States) — 46 points | $2,000
  4. Jesse Nelson (United States) — 40.5 points
  5. Nicholas Hein (United States) — 39 points
  6. Michael Congdon (United States) — 32 points
  7. Bob Schwantz (United States) — 28.5 points
  8. Tyler Young (United States) — 28 points
  9. Justin Loy (United States) — 26.5 points
  10. Mike O’Connor (United States) — 25.5 points
  11. Jordan Donaldson (United States) — 13 points
  12. Richard Moczygemba (United States) — 4 points


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Strongman U105KG Final Events & Recap

  • Event 1 — Cyr dumbbell presses for reps | 95 kilograms (210 pounds) | 60-second time limit
  • Event 2 — Fridge carry | 50-feet | Fastest possible time
  • Event 3 — Axle deadlift for reps | 306 kilograms (630 pounds) | 60-second time limit
  • Event 4 — Yoke 362 kilograms (800 pounds) to 317.5-kilogram (700-pound) Frame Medley Carry | 50 feet each way
  • Event 5 — Stone Over Bar

Maze took home the victory and primary prize money with consistent finishes near the top throughout both stages of the men’s competition. A first-place finish was worth five points, which decreased successively to one earned point for fifth place.

Notably, after some challenges during an 11th-place start, the Irish athlete in McKeegan battled all the way back to finish second overall.

2022 Strengthlete Collective Clash on the Coast | U82KG Strongwoman Results

  1. Melissa Peacock (Canada) — 44 points | $12,000
  2. Samantha Belliveau (Canada) — 39 points | $5,000
  3. Nadia Stowers (United States) — 32 points | $3,000
  4. Jodi Kennedy (United States) — 27 points
  5. Erin Walklet (United States) — 24 points
  6. Rebecca Lorch (United States) — 19 points
  7. Jessica Mitchell (United States) — 14.5 points
  8. Laura de Berdt Romilly (United States) — 12.5 points


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Strongwoman U82Kg Final Events & Recap

  • Event 1 — Cyr Dumbbell presses for reps | Four cycles, 110-135 pounds | 60-second time limit
  • Event 2 — Shield/Husafel Stone carry for max distance | 129.2 kilograms (285 pounds) | 60-second time limit
  • Event 3 — Keg toss | Eight implements, 24.3-39.7 pounds | 90 kilograms (200 pounds)
  • Event 4 — Flint stone deadlifts for reps | 204 kilograms (449.7 pounds) | 60-second time limit
  • Event 5 — 295 kilograms (650 pounds) Yoke for time | 50 feet each way | 60-second time limit
  • Event 6 — Loading Race | Five cycles, each object is 30 feet away from the main platform | 75-second time limit

Like Maze, Peacock enjoyed exemplary consistency, finishing at or near the top in most of the final events, leading to her eventual victory.

Notably, outside of competition, Maze and Peacock are in a relationship. With their victories in this competition, they might be in the conversation for Strongest Couple in the World.

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