Are You Doing the Outside Work to Get the Inside Body You Want?

The inside of your body – your heart, lungs, and muscles – are target of all the activities you do on the outside. Are you efforts really aimed at the right things and the right goals?

Think about this concept: The “inside” of your body – your muscle and adipose (fat) tissues, your lungs and the cardiovascular system, and your joint-stabilizing ligaments and muscle-attaching tendons – is the target of what you do on the “outside.”

The outside is the visible stuff. The chosen physical activities, specific exercise performance, and the food and drink you see entering the mouth and then disappearing inside the body. It’s the outside actions that ultimately affect your beneath-the-skin goals. So, the question becomes, are your outside efforts producing your sought after inside desires?

Training should be easy to understand, but we know it’s difficult to actually do. That’s okay, because at least we know the right path to follow even though it can be a rough journey. We have a firm grip on the science underlying physical improvement. We know the basic means to achieve physical gains. So why do we make it into rocket science? What is so complicated with this simple equation?

Work hard -> rest hard and feed your body properly -> love the adaptation and improvement from your hard work -> work hard again and continue the process.

We want it all – to be strong, fit, ripped, a bad ass, an ultimate competitor, an endurance machine, and a role model. Noble goals, but are you truly doing the right “outside” work to achieve these “inside” goals?

Take a look at this simple chart to see if you are on the right path. If not, get on it.

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