Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 21 – Debt of Gratitude

In reflecting on my performance last week and talking to other powerlifters, I’ve realized that squatting 700lbs was actually pretty good, considering the circumstances.

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Athlete Journal, Entry 21: Debt of Gratitude

In reflection on my performance at last week’s meet, I missed detailing some important facts in my disappointment over catching a cold. The injury I sustained, while fairly minor in and of itself, turned out to be a significant injury due to how it plays a role in my technique and the muscle recruitment patterns I rely on. In talking with other powerlifters who have had a similar injury, it has been something that has held people back in their training for around 6 months. I owe a huge debt to Doctor Philip Snell in helping me recover from this injury in less than 3 weeks. While I was not 100%, I nearly completed a squat that was only 10lbs less than the heaviest raw squat in the history of powerlifting in my weight class. I would call this a HUGE success. There is no way I would have been able to pull off such a feat without his knowledge and support.

I am also proud of the level of discipline and focus I had during those weeks leading into the meet. There was a significant level of work, experimentation, analysis, constant awareness, and juggling of a very tight schedule to pull this off. Pulling off something like this is very rewarding and demonstrates what the body is capable of when you put in the ‘right’ work.

I have linked Dr. Snell’s websites before, but I will do so again. Anyone that is a trainer, coach, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other health care professional should really look into using his service. I love it as a coach and gym owner myself. He has a great website and blog for those who interested in his services, as well as a self-help website for disc injuries.


This week I struggle with being sick all week and trying to get back to training too fast… as is my practice.

Monday I took off from work as my son had gotten the cold by this point and was too sick to go to daycare. Between Saturday and Monday I had slept a total of 30hrs plus a nap Monday afternoon. So despite still being sick I thought I was better since I felt so good from all the rest. Had a great workout as well. Such a great workout with a lot of volume that I think it set me back.

Bench Press






Add sling shot


495×3 almost locking out the 4th

Close Grip Lockout off Pins

445×5,5,5, w/3-5 second hold outs

Shoulder Press on the Thunder Thruster

4×6 w/large bands +25-45lb plate

KB front raises – keeping bell extended




Rolling Tricep Extension




Came in and began warming up on squats to realize I was still sick and my leg still wasn’t 100% and had moved a little backwards after the meet and my discontinuation of my rehab efforts.






45 min rehab work then home


Once again thought I was far enough along to start hitting the gym…and had a decent workout even.

Incline Bench Press



225×29,15,9 – 54 reps total

Turkish Getup



Went into the gym but was feeling pretty bad so outside doing a couple rack pulls, so I focused on coaching





Rack Pull

585×1 w/hook grip hold out

725×1 w/over under hold out


Still sick….

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