Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 49 – 2013 Tactical Strength Challenge

I was sick this week but still competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge as I had planned. I have some video from the event plus a bonus video of toddler-assisted mobility work.

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Athlete Journal, Entry 49 – 2013 Tactical Strength Challenge

This last week I spent sick and didn’t really hit the gym. I took Monday off, then Wednesday I went in and did some speed squats with 315lbs, but that was too much. By Friday I wasn’t doing well and had to take the day off from work.

Saturday was the day I had planned on competing in the Tactical Strength Challenge. I woke up not feeling great but met up with a few members of my team for breakfast. Just chatting and eating made my body scream to go back to bed, but instead I took a bunch of stimulants and pushed on.

Here is a video that was put together. To save some time:

  • Deadlifts at 2:30
  • Pullups at 3:30
  • Kettlebell Snatch at 7:00

Five people from Elite Perfomance Center competed and did very well. Great job Andrei, Sheldon, Greg, and Jeff!

I decided it was a good move to drop from the planned Elite Category to the Standard. I knew I wasn’t going to perform anywhere near where I wanted, but I still wanted to beat one of the guys. Sounds silly, but it’s just my style. This guy has a lot of potential, but to make him better I make him hate the fact that I can beat him so that he has a burning fire to get better. So I have been antagonizing this event the last month – the fine art of ‘Leadership by Antagonism’ taught in Duffin’s School of Management.

First Event: Deadlift with a stiff power bar:

Jeff opened 585, so I did the same – nice, easy pull.

Jeff went 650, so I did the same – another nice, easy pull.

Jeff went 700 and missed, and so I bumped mine to 722. It was a nice easy pull, but I began grinding it right before lockout and must not have pulled it to full lock. I thought I had it and stopped before noticing I didn’t get the down command.

Second Event: Dead Hang Pullups

This was an easy win as Jeff is 290+. I did somewhere in the 9-12 rep range although I can’t remember the exact numbers. I was getting light headed every time I moved or bent over by that time.

Third Event: Kettlebell Snatch

I set it up so Jeff and I were side-by-side to finish. If I didn’t have him beside me there is no way I would have beat him or even finished in the state I was in without the motivation.

Jeff – 100

Me – 108

Then I spent all of Sunday and most of Monday in bed trying to get over the bug.

Here is another video and message I filmed the prior weekend. It’s a fun little video!

Here’s a link to the article I mention in the video, “Epidemic of Excuses.”