Athlete Journal: Ingrid Kantola, Entry 17 – 6/11/12

Ingrid only worked out three times this past week. The horror! Everyone thought it was a good idea except for Ingrid, but she’s coming around to this idea of rest and recovery.

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Ingrid Kantola – Athlete Journal 6/11/12

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Photo provided by Brian Sullivan.

‎‎Today you are going to see the details of my workouts: reps and loads. However, you are also going to see that I only worked out three times last week! ONLY 3 TIMES! It seems incredible to me that I have allowed myself to decrease my volume. It made sense at the time, though. Last week I coached a kids camp for seven hours each day, shadowed two classes as part of my coaching mentorship program, and ran the scoring for a local fitness competition.

While my number of workouts was low, the intensity was high and the quality of the workouts was excellent. I was very pleased with the output of work and how the workouts felt on top of the stress of being a working girl. I was also willing to listen to my teammates and to take the needed rest of the weekend. Thursday was planned rest; Friday I was heading to the gym at 8:30PM when Michael Winchester helped me to reconsider; Saturday I was again tied up with the fitness competition; and Sunday was planned rest and Bikram yoga.

The intensity of daily work plus Outlaw programming has me functioning on another level. The balance between mental and physical has become an essential focus of my daily activities. I’m happy to make it through each day and to be able to tell my acupuncturist that despite three hours of sleep I still have a physical energy level of six on a scale of ten. I feel like I am making progress as an athlete.

The best news of the week is that I made the eight-man squad for the CrossFit Games. Only six will check-in at the Home Depot Center, though. I am training for the Team and everything that I do in and out of the gym needs to consider what will help me to be the biggest benefit to the Team. So if taking four rest days a week will help to improve my mental fitness then I will take the necessary steps to being my best every day!

‎6/4/12, 6:15pm at Red Black Gym

Barbell Gymnastics
1) Tall Snatch 5×3 – 75/85/90/95/95
2a) 4×3 Snatch Grip PP + OHS – 115/125/130/135
2b) 4×3 Snatch Pull – 165/165/175/175

1) Row 20:40 – 100/99/100/101/101/98/98/96/97/100 = 532m
Rest 10 Minutes
2) 4 Rounds + Yoke Carry loaded + 100#
Rest 10 Minutes
3) 8:31 (24kb, 20″ box)
Rest 10 Minutes
4) Unbroken Muscle-Ups, Every Minute on the Minute – 5/5/3/3/2

6/5/12, 4:30pm at CrossFit Central
Barbell Gymnastics
1) Clean from blocks 140-145-150-150-155-155-160
2a) 4×3 Jerk Dip Squats @ 205
2b) 4×3 Jerk Balance @ 65-75-85-95

1) Low Bar Back Squat
[email protected] 160, [email protected] 170, [email protected] 180, [email protected] 195, [email protected] 205
2) 7×3 Deadlifts, Every Minute on the Minute @ 195

5x (equal rest to round time):

100m Run

15UB Chest-to-bar Pull Ups

10 Dual Kettlebell Thrusters (16kg each)

200m Run

2:42 – 3:10 – 2:57 – 3:00 – 2:53
Total working time: 14:42
All pull ups unbroken, broke 2nd set of kettlebell thrusters

6/6/12, 6:30pm at Red Black Gym

Barbell Gymnastics
1) Snatch off block 115-115-125-125-125-125-125F-125

a) Narrow Grip Bench
b) Supinated Grip Bent Over Row

75 Double Unders (Unbroken, 40/5/30, 40/26/9)
15 Handstand Push-Ups (Unbroken)
10 Hang Snatch @ 95# (5/3/2, 5/3/2, 5/5)