Athlete Journal: Ingrid Kantola, Entry 19 – 6/30/12

Curious what Ingrid and CrossFit Central are doing so close to the CrossFit Games? The training is intense and high in volume – check out her journal!

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Ingrid Kantola – Athlete Journal 6/30/12

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Photo provided by Brian Sullivan.

I’m trimming down the workout journal since it has been over a week and there is some auxiliary work that seems a bit superfluous. But in all I am going to add some commentary to each day, so that it’s not just a log, but actually more of a journal.

120618 Monday

We went on a little “de-load” schedule for a few days. This does not mean that we did not lift, or that we did not do intense workouts. It does mean that we lifted sub-maximal loads, and did fewer intense workouts.

1) 7×2 Vertical Snatch 85-95-100-105-105-105-105
2a) 4×3 Halting Snatch Dead Lift @ 145
2b) 4×3 Drop Snatch 85-105-105-105

5 Rounds for Total Working Time of first part of set
75 Double Unders
10 Push Jerks 95
Rest 15 Seconds
Max Effort Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Rest 1 Minute

1:16 – 10
1:36 – 12
1:54 – 10
2:07 – 10
2:12 – 8
Worked on butterfly C2Bs.

120619 Tuesday

This was still during our de-load week. We had a 5 part workout- DURING DE-LOAD.

1) 7x 2 Vertical Clean Off High Blocks + 1Push Jerk: 115-125-135-145-145-145-145


1) 3 Rounds
25 Burpees
50ft Yoke Carry
2) 12 Minute AMRAP
10 DB Hang Squat Clean (45# DBs)
100ft KB Farmer Carry (53# KBs)
3 Rounds

120620 Wednesday

At the end of the WOD we spent 30 minutes on ring HSPU, weighted pistols, and handstand walks. I can’t really do ring HSPU without using my legs entirely and the biggest challenge of the pistols were going OH, onto box, with KB, etc.

1a) 10×2 High Hang Snatch: 3 sets @95, [email protected], [email protected]
1b) 10×2 3-Stop Snatch Dead Lift: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

4x 4 Unbroken Muscle Ups + Max Effort Dips
All MU UB – Dips: 6, 4, 3, 3

12Minutes Row- 30s All Out: 30 Active Recovery
In meters:
Total: 1629m working

Thursday – Bikram

Friday 120622

We were back ‘on’ from out de-load with a double day. The second session was especially great because we got to do Team workouts! While some members of our squad were missing, it was great to get to strategize and practice moving through a workout together.

1) 7×3 Jerk from Blocks: 95-135-145-155(2)-135-135-145

2a) 10×2 Band DL: 165 on Bar + 4 Black bands on Yokes
2b) 5×5 Bench Press: 95-105-105-105-105

1PM Central
1) Partner WOD w/ Winchester- 8 Rounds Total, Alternating Full Rounds
5 Hurdle Jumps 30/26″
Sprint 50m
5 Hurdle Jumps 30/26″
10 Front Squats 200/135#
15 UB Pullups

2) Team WOD w/ Jeremy, Karen, Winchester-

3 Rounds: 45seconds work, 15 seconds rest- everyone working at once, rotating stations
Wall Ball
Kettlebell Swings (24k)
Toes to Bar
670 Total reps (179 by me)

Saturday 120623

I don’t always PR, but when I do, I PR in pairs. The first time this happened was on a snatch & clean Saturday. I got some video of these as well, to prove that it actually happened!

1) 7×1 Snatch
2) 7×1 Clean

7×3 High Bar Back Squat

Had a little trouble counting plates and communicating with my partner who was loading the other side of the bar…

1) Team WOD w/ Jess E, Travis, Me, Winchester- each person cannot move onto the next station until the person before them has completed that station
Row 1k
20 Dumbbell HSPU
3 Rope Climbs
100 Double Unders
30 C2B Pull Ups
400m Run
3 Rope Climbs
Team Time: 32:41

2) Partner WOD w/ Winchester- each partner completes reps round then switches
Overhead Squats
Toes 2 Bar
Time- 7:43

120624 Sunday

Our coach has us occasionally going out for a “long run” day as they say in typical endurance training. This time we did a triathlon-ish set up. I just got a new bike- from my sister for $20- it is a single speed with pedal brakes. Made the hill climbs at Barton Springs especially entertaining.

at Barton Springs – approximate times within 20s
5 minute swim
1 minute transition
10 minute bike
1 minute transition
8:30 run
1 minute transition
5 minute swim
2 minute transition
10 minute bike
1 minute transition
8 minute run
Total time: 54 Minutes

Swims were great, just over 200m each. Bike was a leg burner, but lungs were fine, probably between 2.5-3.5miles each. Runs were the most shaky, but definitely on the 1 mile mark.

120625 Monday

Boy oh boy, do I suck at burpees. They seem so straight forward right? Stand up, lie down, stand up, lie down. But I can make that process so slow!

1) 5×3 Snatch from High Blocks

5 Rounds with 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds
9 Hang Squat Cleans
18 Burpees
1:47- 1:46- 2:06- 2:13- 2:15
Total Working Time: 10:04

120626 Tuesday

I can tell that my strength is improving. From week to week some things just get easier, the next set doesn’t seem as daunting. I am also practicing loosening my weight belt. What does that do? It makes me less mentally dependent on the belt during heavy stuff. I used to never front squat or clean without it. I loosen it up or take it off during working sets to get a stronger core and to feel from its support.

5x 3 Cleans from High Blocks & 1 Split Jerk

1) Low Bar Back Squat
5x 170, 3x 190, 2x 200, 2x 210
2a) 5×2 Pause Front Squats
2b) 5×2 Push Press

1) Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes
4 Bar Muscle Ups & Max Effort Unbroken Double Unders
Completed all 4 BarMU Each Minute
DU: 37-0-23-16-12-16-6-6-0-3 = 119 Total

2) 3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
10 KB Clean and Jerk (Dual 16ks)
15 GHD Sit Ups

120627 Wednesday

Have you ever felt long? Not tall, not tired, just that your limbs are too long to move them any faster? During our conditioning we had to do KB sumo high-pulls and push presses. I could have sworn that I was catching my teammates, or at least keeping up with them. However, I was wrong. I was consistently 2-3 reps behind on every set. Not because my pace was slower, but because my movement turnover takes longer. It takes me longer to move my arms and legs to full extension than it does for my teammate who is 5’3”. I need to be more efficient with my movement cycle in order to keep pace!

10x 2 3-Stop Snatch DL & 1 High Hang Snatch

1a) 4x Max Effort Strict Handle HSPU & ME Kipping Handle HSPU
0/6 DBs, 0/5 Parallettes, 5Wall/6DBs, 4Wall+10#Plates/4DBs
1b) 4×5 Weighted Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups (weight vests)
10#, 20#, 20, 20
1c)4×15 Reverse Hypers (on GHD)
15#db, 14#mb, 20mb, 20mb

7 Rounds with 20 seconds rest between rounds
20 KB High Pulls (16k)
15 Push Press (75#) (6 out of 7 sets unbroken)
Total Time: 10:50 (without rest= 8:50)

120628 Thursday

Active Recovery

2x 15 minute bike rides on a single speed to and from work

Bikram Yoga

120629 Friday

This was a really fun day!! We had other things planned – banded dead lifts and dumbbell work and an HOUR of conditioning, but ran out of time. I’m glad because I was able to walk away with another PAIR of PRs and I felt really good about my experience with quasi-King Kong. Friday was a good day!


10×1 Split Jerk

145-155-155-160-165-170-180-190-205FAIL- 200FAIL- 200PR

(Old PR 185)


Deadlift warm up


(Old PR 265)


King Kong – Not As RX

5x 240# DL (a sub for 1 x 300# DL)

2 Muscle Ups

3 Squat Cleans



Slowest part were the cleans.