Athlete Journal: Ingrid Kantola, Entry 20 – 7/7/12

Only a week until Ingrid competes at the CrossFit Games! Officially a member of the CrossFit Central team, Ingrid is practicing to take on anything – ropes, walls, barbells, kettlebells, you name it!

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Ingrid Kantola – Athlete Journal 7/7/12

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Photo provided by Brian Sullivan.

Team CrossFit Central heads to the CrossFit Games on Tuesday the 10th. We are excited to get to the Best Coast and we are staying in Manhattan Beach. We will be around the venue as much as possible and I would love to meet any of you that read this blog. If you are at the Games please come say, “Hi,” and let me know that you read the blog!

This week we got on Facetime with Coach Rudy and talked strategy. We discussed the little things we needed to practice and finalized the team. The men will be Jeremy Thiel, Travis Holley, and Michael Winchester. The women will be Carey Kepler, Karen Pierce, and me! I am very excited to represent CrossFit Central at the Games and I am also incredibly thankful for all of the people who helped get me and the Team to the Games. Jessica Stephen and Jessica Estrada are both incredible human beings who put the Team first at all costs and got Central qualified for the Games. Thank you for demonstrating true sportsmanship and generosity to your teammates.

Our sponsors – including Trinity Sponsor – have been huge supporters of me and the Team, thank you for your investment in us as athletes and voices of the CrossFit community on your platform!

7/1/12 Sunday

We rarely workout on Sundays, but we hosted a promotional event at our new CrossFit Trigger Point location on Saturday and switch the schedule around. It was a good decision as we also switched Wednesday to a rest day for the holiday.


1) 7×1 Snatch
Form felt good through the pulls, couldn’t keep it together overhead. Last week I PRd on the snatch, but this week I didn’t have it, so I dropped the weight and went for better form.

2)7×1 Clean
(Old PR 175) This clean PR made up for the lower weight in the snatch. I have a pretty weak front squat, so every PR in the clean is a good thing!

5×5 High Bar Back Squat @ 175

1) 5x
7 Overhead Squat (105#)
7 Bar Facing Burpees
Unbroken. This was a good workout for me. I’m pretty solid overhead so while the reps weren’t slow, they were steady and gave me enough rest to use some speed on the burpees. I also practiced full snatching my first rep to get that first squat knocked out quickly.

7 Power Snatch (105#)
7 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups
Not unbroken. I tried to go unbroken on these snatches, but did not have the grip for it. I ended up doing mostly sets of 2-3 on the snatch. I worked on butterfly chest-to-bar pull ups, so I did not have as much success with going unbroken. The butterfly is really draining on my grip and I should have been smarter about these reps.

7/2/12 Monday

1) Vertical Snatch 7×2: 85-95-105-110-105-105-105

2a) Snatch Pull 4×3: 155-160-160-160
2b) Drop Snatch 4×3: 85-95-105-105. I really like drop snatches. They are technical and feel great when you do them right.

1a) 4x 20 Glute-Ham Raise: 12-14-10-13 Massive sets of glute-ham raises? Really coach?
2b) 4xMax-Effort Toes-to-Bar: 20-20-12-15



5 Muscle Ups
20 Burpees
7 Deadlifts @ 225#

Rest half the time it takes you to complete each round

1 – 3:03 (rings slipped 2/3, DL singles)
2 – 2:44 (1/4, DL doubles)
3 – 2:48 (4/1, DL 4/3)
4 – 2:39 (MU Unbroken, DL 4/3)
5 – 2:30 (MU Unbroken, DL UB)

crossfit, crossfit games, crossfit central, ingrid kantola, crossfit regionalsingrI really loved this conditioning. I love muscle ups and the DLs were slow enough that the rest seemed longer than it was. However, my name is Ingrid Kantola and I am a sandbagger. I am pretty afraid of “bonking” from going out too hard in workouts and usually save up for the last round. The first round wasn’t intentionally so slow – my rings slipped and became uneven and I waited for a teammate to finish on their equipment to switch. But still, a 15 second improvement from the second to the last round was a bit dramatic.

120703 Tuesday


We headed over to the Camp Gladiator Arena to borrow their cargo net. They have a typical globo-gym set up with a sweet 20’ cargo net and a set of monkey bars. We got familiar with the net and bars and talked a little strategy, should those elements come into play next weekend.

After CGA we went to the Texas Department of Public Safety training course where we practiced getting over six foot walls. We did a circuit through lower wall hurdles, log running, parallette walking, and pull ups. It was really fun to get outside of our regular and do some random stuff and generally get creative and brainstorm some potentially epic workouts!!

7/5/12 Thursday


10x 2 Three-Stop Snatch Pulls + 1 High Hang Snatch



Partner WOD with Karen Pierce

100 Kettlebell Swings 16kg

50 Burpees

15 Muscle Ups

10 Snatches @ 120#

15 Muscle Ups

50 Burpees

100 Partner Wall Balls 14#

It was great to do some partner work this week. Friday the 6th was exactly one week until the CrossFit Games begin! It was good to get into competition mode with a teammate.

Karen knows that muscle ups are a weakness for her, so she begged for a heavier load of the other movements. I went first on the KB swings and we divided them by 25. I then did 10 burpees to her 15. I knocked out 4 or 5 muscle ups on the first set and she jumped in with singles. I kept my sets to 2-3 for most rounds. The snatches were tricky, we both failed a rep early and things got a little bleak. However, I figured it out and didn’t miss anymore and Karen takes coaching really well and fixed hers as well. We finished with partner wall balls which were interesting – they feel very slow as you wait for your partner to return the ball. We did them unbroken and finished in 17:02!

7/6/12 Friday


5X3 Split Jerk


1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts

1b) 5X5 Seated BB Shoulder Press


1) 3X

12 Handle Handstand Push Up (4″ Deficit)

12 GHD Situps

12 Hang Squat Cleans 105#

2) 12 minutes Row for Meters.

30 seconds ALL OUT – 30 seconds Active Recovery