Athlete Journal: Michael Winchester, Entry 6 – 3/28/12

CrossFit Central placed second in their region at the end of the CrossFit Games Open. This means Michael is continuing on as a member of the affiliate team headed for the Regionals!


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Michael Winchester – Athlete Journal 3/28/12

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The Open, 12.5

What more can I say about the 2012 Open?

It came and went very fast, as was expected. It tested CrossFit and brought a whole new generation of CrossFitters to participate in our sport. It ended with the same WOD as the 2011 Open – and gave us all a chance to see if and how we have improved over the last year (I got 6 more reps this year than last).

So what’s next for us? For most of my athletes, this is the end of their season. For eight hard-working and deserving individuals from the Red and Black Gym affiliate team, they will now embark on a journey to fine-tune their engines in preparation for the 2012 Regionals in San Antonio, TX.

The classes that I coach are “advanced” CrossFit classes for those looking to participate in CrossFit Sport. I coach them for competitions and with the main yearly goal being to do as well as possible in the CrossFit Games season. Even those who have not qualified to compete at Regionals will continue to follow my programming designed to have them attain their peak levels of fitness by the last week in April.

Their goals are the same as my own. As one of the top three highest placing males at CrossFit Central, I have earned a spot on our affiliate team to compete for a chance to go to the 2012 Games in California.

We finished second in our Region and eighteenth in the world – good numbers, but not great. We want nothing less than to stand on the podium in first place at the close of the Games.

The next three weeks will be an all out assault on training, proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep. We will refine all of our skills, maintain strength and fine-tune our engines to work at the highest capacities yet. The week leading up to Regionals will be a small taper week, with plenty of WOD review and practice.

After Regionals, our sights will be set on the Home Depot Center. For us there will be two months between Regionals and the Games. This time will be crucial to our success and promises to be the two hardest months of training to date.

Happy training and see y’all at Regionals.