Athlete Journal: Narisa Wild, Entry 4 – My Goals For 2013

The New Year got off to a rough start -the whole family got sick – but we’re recovering and I’m getting back into training. I’m also excited about my resolutions for this year!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to journal of marathon runner, mother, and busy New Yorker, Narisa Wild. Look for more from Narisa as she trains for and runs in marathons all over the world.

Journal Entry 4 – My Goals for 2013

First and foremost, I’m sorry for the hiatus in posts. It’s been a very long holiday season (but so much fun!), which was then overshadowed by a whopping flu and sickness season. I was hit with a bad strain of flu (I think, who knows anymore?) that really took me off the road for almost five weeks. Who knew I could actually not run for five whole weeks? It was tough, but I did some Soul Cycling, lots of yoga and plenty of resting.

Then my whole family got sick – that’s a lot of nose wiping, whining, and general misery in one household, I can tell you. We are finally all almost better now. I was hit with yet another bout this week, not as severe, but enough to make flying this past Friday feel like the most miserable day of my life. Blocked up nose and high altitudes are very bad for your ears. I didn’t even think.

But enough about snotty noses and feeling sorry for myself, this is what I did discover: it takes a long time to lose your base fitness so long as you’re doing some aerobic exercise. For me, that has been a lot more Soul Cycling (I love it!). When I finally got out on the road again two weeks ago, I ran an easy 7-miler and maintained an eight minute per mile pace. I couldn’t believe it, to be honest. So I’m trying this for a bit longer to see if I can avoid ITB problems and maintain fitness: run harder and faster, but run less. Intermix with cross training and yoga and will I be fitter and injury-free? We shall see.

So 2013 is a big year for me: I am turning the big 4-0 in March. I’ve been apprehensive about this to say the least. I’ve been downright miserable about it, if I’m truthfully honest. Now, I have decided to make it MY year, not my age’s.

Here is my hit list so far:

  1. Spend more time with my family.
  2. Manage stress at work better.
  3. Run two marathons at least (Long Island marathon in May and NYC marathon in November already booked – considering some others).
  4. And here is the big one for me: fulfill a lifelong ambition to complete my Yoga Teacher Training. I begin class on January 26 with Yogaworks and will complete an 8-month training program. I am beyond excited and so very grateful to my husband for his support to do this. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

What are your resolutions for 2013? Wishing you all a healthy and happy year.

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