brazilian jiu jitsu

A staph infection derailed my training this week, but I managed to catch it early and keep up with my training schedule.
Finals are finally over, and I'm excited to train and compete during the summer months!
Recently someone asked how I manage to fit everything in and juggle training and life. Here are some tips.
I decided to treat myself and buy this gi for my birthday, and believe me, it really is a treat.
I was reluctant to train this week due to upcoming finals, but I'm glad I fought through it and got to roll.
Strength training will improve a grappler’s strength-to-weight ratio, reduce injury risk, and slow down the loss of muscle mass as the body ages.
Despite having a heavy school workload this week, I managed to have yet another week of solid training in BJJ and weightlifting.
I am frequently asked which gi I would recommend, so here are my top five picks, plus one honorable mention.
School kept me busy this week, but I managed to make it to an amazing seminar over the weekend.
This week I started rolling harder, lifting more, and dialing in my diet. It was a good week.
I'm starting to learn how to achieve balance in my training, and it's a great feeling.
To maintain your movements and conditioning, what you do on days you are not grappling is critical to your success in BJJ.
"That's gross and I'm never doing that." That was my thought the first time I saw people training Brazilian jiu jitsu.
It's official: If I can come up with the means, I've decided to head to Worlds in about a month.
Although I've shifted my Olympic weightlifting focus, I know it helps me as a grappler and I was happy to get back to lifting this week.
I have a short break from school, and I'm taking the time to up my intensity and have fun with my training.
Valerie Worthington's journals portray the immense value and annoying struggles of competing in BJJ.