olympic weightlifting

This exercise from coach Bob Takano is for those who have difficulty conceptualizing the catch portion of the snatch. 
The following exercise employs the weight of a barbell to increase the stress on the achilles tendon.
Does training the power clean and power snatch train speed? The answer is no. I'll explain why in this article and explain what the power movements ARE useful for developing in your athletes.
"You either lifted the weight or you didn't." Find out the reasons why coach Greg Everett loves weightlifting, and other fun things like, what is his favorite cheat food?
Do some countries have a genetic advantage when it comes to certain sports? Do Eastern Europeans do well at weightlifting because they're short? Are they even short? Read on for my analysis.
This variant is especially help for those lifters learning the proper snatch pulling technique from the floor, which is the most difficult portion of the lift to master.
This exercise is especially valuable for those athletes that have difficulty placing the jerk directly overhead due to range of motion issues, but mainly due to improper conceptualization.
What does 19th Century Britain have in common with Canadian hockey? Or American weightlifting? Read on to find out how history repeats itself and if America will ever win a weightlifting gold.
You might love Coach Burgener for his way of teaching, or the way he speaks of his wife as "Boss Hoss," or for the fact he still works out hard. But chances are if you know of him, you love him.
Don't get too excited if you can lift a PVC pipe with perfect form. Learning good technique is just a first stop on the road to weightlifting success, not an end in itself.
Early on in my weightlifting career I became loyal to the 82.5kg weight class - to the detriment of my entire competitive career. Learn from my mistakes and choose the right weight class for you.
What are the best athletes doing that you're not? Why are they so successful and you're slowly making progress? Here are four keys to success based on what the best athletes are already doing.
Every beginning coach makes the same mistakes. They over-coach, say too much, and overwhelm their students. What they need is a lesson plan so simple they can write it on a bar napkin while drunk.
The Good Morning is an exceptional exercise for stretching the hamstrings, and in some cases the ankles. It is also help for developing the hamstrings for athletic movements.
Coaching cues should be simple and understandable. Learn how to break your cues down into learnable chunks and how to apply these cues both in the training room and on the competition platform.
Learn a little history about competitive strength sports while pondering the question - is it possible to train powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting at the same time? Can you be competitive at both?
If you want to be a good coach, accept you can't be a good person. You will lie, you will omit, you will shun the truth. If you don't, your lifters will fail. Here are three big lies about the snatch.