Being only still, or being only active isn't the healthiest path. What works best is a triad of meditation, exercise, and yoga. Stillness, movement, and the weaving of the two.
I started running at age 45 and I've learned a lot. To help you pick your perfect first race, or your perfect next race, here are 8 important questions for you to ask yourself to ensure success.
For endurance athletes it is a fine balance between volume and intensity in their training. New research looks at helping cyclists increase their VO2 max with high intensity running intervals.
I've got feet like a Hobbit. Consequently running a marathon never seemed like the thing for me. Then I made two discoveries - Pose method running and Newton shoes. And I ran a whole darn marathon.
All successful exercise plans are based on the principles of overload, recovery/adaptation, and progression. If you are not getting better, which of these elements are you missing in your training?
My calf once again is injured, but this time I went straight to the man who treats the Australian track and field team and I may have discovered a treatment that will work.
New research shows improved performance and recovery ability when using swimming as active recovery. It might be the best way to recovery for the majority of hard-training athletes, not just swimmers.
What are the best athletes doing that you're not? Why are they so successful and you're slowly making progress? Here are four keys to success based on what the best athletes are already doing.
New heart research shows that running a marathon does not pose any additional danger for those over fifty, compared to younger athletes. This means you can keep running as you keep aging.
Training is like farming. You do all these things today that you can’t see producing a result in the hope of a future payoff. The best muscle you can develop for success? Your patience.
Science says triathlons are tiring. Well, duh. But now they know WHY they are so tiring, specifically, and give us some ideas on how to strategize for better performance.
Get inside Usain Bolt's head as he explains what he's thinking during a 100m sprint. It may only take 9 seconds, but an endless stream of thoughts is going through his head.
While efficiency and metabolic power may be the most important things in endurance, science shows running mechanics are the most critical thing for sprinting athletes - whether cyclists or runners.
This week I remembered why you shouldn't go running with your girlfriend...especially when your girlfriend runs 20 kilometers at lunch, for fun.
This week Andrew looks closer at his swim training and makes some adjustments to his breathing that have a major impact on his aerobic training and aerobic capacity.
I always thought Mizuno was a brand just for runners. Turns out I was wrong! I got to test out a pair of tights and shorts, and I really love the shorts.
Training aerobically based on heart rate might be old school, but so many people have done it for a reason - it works. Let me explain why your aerobic system is so important and how to train it.