Author: Adam McCubbin

Adam has over 13 years of extensive experience as a high-performance strength coach and personal trainer in Australia and Dubai. He has a broad range of skills and knowledge that caters toward clients needing everything from entry-level physical development to advanced athletic performance. Adam’s mission is to provide people with the tools to ensure success in achieving optimal health, performance, and results. He does this through quantifiable assessments, scientific training methods, functional nutrition, and understanding human behaviour. He is well-known for his blog, Hulk-Strength, where he writes a weekly post that provides lifestyle, health, and training tips. His work has been featured in leading health and fitness magazines. To learn more, find him on Facebook.

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The Next Frontier in Recovery

Globally, fitness and training has exponentially exploded over the last couple of years, helped by social media, trends, and technology. It’s virtually impossible when looking

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