Author: Andy Pike

Andy Pike AKA "Coach AP" jumped into self-employment at the age of nineteen with little knowledge about running a business, but a whole lot of passion about making his mark in the world. He found this mark in movement and nutrition. Over the last four years of developing his health and fitness businessCube Coaching, Andyrealised that people often struggled to sustain healthy eatingdue to the lack of education. So he created We Eat Fresh 4 Life-a mentor programme to educate others about healthy eating, why we crave bad food, and how to integrate good nutrition into our daily lifestyle. Andy believes you cannot simply expect someone to follow a nutrition plan like a robot. He adapts his strategies to each individual to promote healthy results. Andy is now training to be a competitive athlete alongside being a coach. He is developing the We Eat Fresh 4 Life method so it can also be used for sport specific goals. Apart from cooking, training, and coaching, Andy loves salsa! You can find him on his Cube Coaching or We Eat Fresh 4 Life websites, on Facebook here or here, and on Instagram here or here.

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