Author: Barrie-Jon Mulder

Barrie-Jon has always shared a passion for sport and the competition it brings. He represented South Africa at the 2003 World Junior Rowing Championships. After years of rowing and weightlifting, his attentions turned to coaching, in particular strength and conditioning. Barrie-Jon has worked with Olympic gold medalists, weightlifting Olympians and coaches. He has a keen interest in strength training systems for developing youth athletes, and the role of these systems in injury prevention, career advancement, and performance increases. Recently, he launched a new training system calledAthleteStrongspecifically aimed at 11-18 year olds. Studying the habits of highly successful coaches from many other sports also adds to his ability to bring the best out of thee athletes he works with. Currently, Barrie-Jon is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Athlete Centre, Oxford, United Kingdom. He heads up the programming andthe training of members, along with looking after a number of indiviual athletes.

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