Author: Chris Abbott

Chris has an appetite for knowledge, continually attending seminars and workshops to further his education. Along with his general population clients, he has worked with a variety of professional athletes including players in the NFL, NHL, and MLB. He’s found training with kettlebells, eating healthy, and having a damn good time in the process does a lot of good for the people he works with. A simple man, Chris has found his true passion in kettlebell training. To Chris, kettlebell training is an art form, which when done properly not only develops significant strength, but also acts as a mindfulness practice. He believes that having a strong mind is just as important, if not more, as a strong body. Chris enjoys listening to a variety of audio books ranging from stoic philosophy and spiritual growth, to strongman training, business development, and holistic health. Chris owns and operates a personal training company called Evolution Strength and Performance out of Santa Monica, California where he trains people in both private and small group settings. He holds certifications with Precision Nutrition, NASM, FMS, and StrongFirst. Additionally, he’s taken a number of courses with The Postural Restoration Institute. Chris has also started his own workshop teaching people how to properly perform swings, getups, and various other kettlebell exercises. Chris is currently on a personal mission designed to get him to “Sinister” status – derived from Pavel’s book, Simple and Sinister. The task: 100 1-handed swings with a 48kg bell in under 5-minutes, followed by 1-minute rest, then 10 getups with a 48kg bell in under 10 minutes. You can follow his journey on his social media account. Chris also has a weekly blog and newsletter. For more information, visit his website.

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