Author: Christy Baroni & Jenna Torres

Christy Baroni Christy is the nutrition specialist and a coach at Conviction Training Facility, home of CrossFit Hilton Head. She resides in Hilton Head Island, is a mother of two, and is a competitive athlete. Her passion for coaching female athletes comes second only to her passion for teaching healthy nutrition habits. Jenna Torres Throughout high school, Jenna Torres heard the term “big boned” to describe her all too often. Although she was an athlete, she was overweight and did not have what you’d call a petite build. All Jenna wanted was to be confident with her body and feel attractive. Believing she had to be as skinny as possible, Jenna started a journey of excessive running and cutting calories. Although skinny, Jenna was frustrated and bored with her running after three years and eventually stumbled on a CrossFit gym. Knowing nothing about CrossFit, she was asked by the owner to try it for one month. The only thing he asked was that when she came in she tried her best. During this month, Jenna experienced something she had never experienced before – a feeling of pride. She left the gym every day proud of what she accomplished. Her focus shifted from appearance to performance. The simple request her coach made – “Come in and do your best each day” – was paying off. She became stronger, faster, even more flexible, and the proof was tangible. Through this process of focusing on performance, Jenna found what she had been looking for. A love for herself and a feeling of pride in what her body was capable of doing. It is for this reason Jenna became a coach. She now coaches at Conviction Training Facility, the same gym where she started CrossFit, and CrossFit North Charleston. Jenna's two favorite things about coaching are coaching women and coaching the Olympic lifts. She joined with friend and coworker Christy Baroni to form the Swole Sisters program. Helping women love themselves and experience confidence by literally finding the strength and power within themselves is the greatest gift she feels she could ever give.

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