Author: Craig Hysell

Craig Hysell is the founder and owner of Conviction Training Facility (CTF) in the beautiful resort town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He has taught thousands of people how to utilize the lessons acquired in sport and fitness to make every other aspect of their life better since 2008. He has owned his gym since 2010. Craig has worked with state champions, Division I collegiate athletes, and professional football players. But his real passion lies in working with everyday people 35 years and older. Those "masters" folks who work to remain engaged (or who are re-engaging!) in their fitness-oriented lives while navigating all the challenges that come with work, family and aging happily. Conviction Training Facility is launching The Master's Project this winter. This program is dedicated to fitness, lifestyle, education, and empowerment of the 35-and-over crowd. You can find more information at Conviction Training. And make sure to drop by CTF if you're ever in town!

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